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A URL and shortener and bookmarking tool
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== - Rails based URL shortener and centralised bookmark system

URL Shorteners are really useful for sending URLs via email or via twitter or SMS or whatever. However, one of the critisms is that is if one of the major services such as tinyURL shuts down, a hell of a lot of links will break.

Whilst running your own URL shortener won't stop shortened URLs from disappearing, it will reduced the impact.

I've also bundled in delicious style bookmarking, just because I prefer being in charge of my bookmarks - just in case we have another magnolia :)

== Features

1. Well, the URL shortener is pretty self explanatory
2. The bookmarking tool has tags
3. It will also try to parse the title, desscription and keyworks of the page
4. Built in bookmarkets

== Getting Started

1. It's a Rails 2.3.2 app, which requires haml, acts_as_taggable_on, nokogiri and will_paginate. These are in the environment.rb file so running rake gems:install should sort that out.
2. Run the following rake task: rake auth:gen:site_key
3. I've disabled the user regsitration system, as this is intended for single user use. To create a user, fire up script/console and create a user manually. Something like this should sort you out (changing the default values)

User.create!(:login => "username", :email => '', :password => 'top_secret', :password_confirmation => 'top_secret')
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