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PicoC is a scripting language which aims to be as close to C as possible. With PicoC, C code can be interpreted and executed, without the need for compiling. Many of the patterns possible with standard, compiled C are possible with PicoC, including access to arbitrary memory addresses. This is especially interesting in embedded devices, where certain peripherals and CPU features are memory-mapped. PicoC scripts can also call compiled C functions, if special interfaces for them are defined. One notable limitation of the PicoC environment is the lack of support for function pointers.

Starting with version 2.1 of Utilities, PicoC script execution is available in a separate edition of this add-in. This edition has a larger file size and offers a PicoC execution environment tailored to the Prizm platform; it can be identified in the About screen by the presence of a small "c" after the version number. The standard edition does not offer this feature and retains the usual small file size.

In the PicoC edition, additional options appear when seeing the details for a file with .c extension in the file manager. These options are described at Running and Debugging.

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