A Unity Game Engine API for Using xAPI in Games
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This Unity Game Engine API asset has been created for using xAPI in products built with Unity. It is primarily designed for K-12 games, simulations and applications that include learning content but can also be used for non-learning and non K-12 products to capture data and analytics using xAPI. The primary developer and contributor (Dig-iT! Games) uses it to capture analytics during testing and production in learning and casual entertainment games. The Beta API was developed by Dig-iT! Games through support from the National Science Foundation and Dig-iT! Games for the community.

The API is currently in a controlled Beta and available to developers requesting it by requesting it from the GBLxAPI community site . Once you join the community the API will be provided for download. This is the initial distribution step before posting a later version in this repository.

Documenation is provided in the repo wiki https://github.com/gblxapi/UnityGBLxAPI/wiki

You can read more about this new standard for collecting K-12 learning data games and apps at the community website (https://gblxapi.org)