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Simple note-posting system for shared UNIX boxes
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Command-line community notice board. Post simple notes for other users to see.


  • Username is tagged based on the executing user
  • Shows the 15 most recent posts in descending order
  • Able to go back and edit your own posts
  • Title <= 30 chars
  • Body <= 500 chars



Current build dependencies are as follows:

  • rustc/cargo >= 1.36
  • libsqlite3-dev

The installation for the build deps will vary based on your OS (Linux, BSD)

Clone the repository and jump into the directory:

$ git clone git://
$ cd clinte

Run the makefile and install:

$ make

$ sudo make install


Issuing the program name itself will list the currently available posts, like in the screenshot above.

To display the 15 most recent posts:

$ clinte

To make a new post:

$ clinte post

clinte will then ask for the title of the post, and the body. The username will be tagged automatically by your logged-in username, reflecting its intended use on multi-user UNIX-like systems.

To edit a post:

$ clinte update

clinte will ask for the ID number of the post. If it's been authored by you, then you will be asked for the new title and body after being shown the previous title and body.

To delete a post:

$ clinte delete

Then clinte asks for the numeric ID of the post to delete.


This is very new, so feel free to hack on it in any way you please and submit a PR! I'll be working on it myself over the next several days to flesh it out.


clinte has roughly 60 library dependencies from the rust ecosystem. Nevertheless, the binary remains only 3.5MB in size as of v0.4.1. For your information, the direct library dependencies of clinte are:

  • chrono >= 0.4
  • clap >= 2.33
  • lazy_static >= 1.4
  • log >= 0.4
  • rusqlite >= 0.20
  • simplelog >= 0.7
  • users >= 0.9

The indirect dependencies (dependencies of dependencies) are:

ansi_term, arrayref, arrayvec, atty, autocfg, backtrace, backtrace-sys, base64, bitflags, blake2b_simd, byteorder, cc, cfg-if, cloudabi, constant_time_eq, crossbeam-utils, dirs, dirs-sys, failure, failure_derive, fallible-iterator, fallible-streaming-iterator, fuchsia-cprng, libc, libsqlite3-sys, linked-hash-map, lru-cache, memchr, nodrop, num-integer, num-traits, pkg-config, proc-macro2, quote, rand_core, rand_os, rdrand, redox_syscall, redox_users, rust-argon2, rustc-demangle, strsim, syn, synstructure, term, textwrap, time, unicode-width, unicode-xid, vcpkg, winapi, winapi-i686-pc-windows-gnu, winapi-x86_64-pc-windows-gnu

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