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twtxt registry

twtxt is a decentralized microblogging platform for hackers based on text files. The user is "followed" and "mentioned" by referencing the URL to their twtxt.txt file and a nickname.

Registries are designed to aggregate several users' statuses into a single location, facilitating the discovery of new users to follow and allowing the search of statuses for tags and key words.

getwtxt-ng expands on the original registry specification by providing both plain and JSON endpoints.

A reference instance can be found at

2022-10-19: This has reached a "usable, but unpolished" state.



All contributions are greatly appreciated!

A make target is included that will enable the pre-commit hook, install golangci-lint, and install govulncheck if you need it:

$ make dev-deps

If you already have golangci-lint and govulncheck installed, then be sure to use the pre-commit hook.

$ ln -s $(pwd)/pre-commit .git/hooks/pre-commit


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