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This project is an example usage of the jsForce library.

##setup Install node, grunt-cli, and bower.

You will also need redis, a local key value store

After installation start redis, the default port is used in the application.

<Install Location>/redis/current/src/redis-server

Run npm install and bower update

cd jsForceInAction
npm install
bower update

You will need to create a connected app for OAuth credentials for Salesforce. See this blog post for instructions on getting that information.

Copy the clientId and secret and populate the values under the 'app.key' and 'app.secret' properties.


Set two environment variables. Note that you will need to update the NODE_PATH to match your local install directory.

export NODE_PATH=development
export NODE_PATH=/Users/gbockus/local:/Users/gbockus/local/lib/node_modules:/Users/gbockus/github/jsForceInAction/server

Execute the grunt serve command

grunt serve

Open a browser to https://localhost:21000

More Info

The part of this application that relates to jsforce can be found in the following files:


The SalesforceService.js file is where jsforce is being integrated with bluebird promised and used to interact with Salesforce. The SalesforceService.spec.js file is where the service function are being tested.