The purpose of this project is to show the changes I suggest for the default Yeoman angular project.
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The purpose of this project is to show the changes I make to projects created by the Yeoman angular-generator.

This base of this project was created by executing:

yo angular

    |       |    .--------------------------.
    |--(o)--|    |    Welcome to Yeoman,    |
   `---------´   |   ladies and gentlemen!  |
    ( _´U`_ )    '--------------------------'
     |  ~  |
 ´   `  |° ´ Y `

Out of the box I include Bootstrap and some AngularJS recommended modules.

[?] Would you like to use Sass (with Compass)? Yes
[?] Would you like to include Bootstrap? Yes
[?] Would you like to use the Sass version of Bootstrap? Yes
[?] Which modules would you like to include? angular-animate.js, angular-cookies.js, angular-sanitize.js

To view the original app created by the angular generator you use the following command:

git checkout -f 0.0.1

To view the updated project use:

git checkout -f 0.0.2

To see a diff of the two difference releases: