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How to Contribute

Contributing is very simple, all you need is an account with github. Many economics already have one, if not it this is done less than a minute. Once you logged in, select the file you want to edit (for example the list itself), and click the small edit button (the pen). Once you are done adding or editing, just click the green 'propose file change' button at the bottom.

contributing to the list: guideline

For the list itself, please keep it short and precise. Each puzzle entry should follow the following structure:

  • The Name-of-puzzle Puzzle: Short explanation of puzzle. (citation where puzzle is first mentioned as 'authors', 'year', 'journal') Within each cathegory, puzzles are in reversed chronological order.

contributing to the detailed descriptions: guidelines

Puzzles can be linked to a more detailed description. You are free to add such description if you would like to get into detail. This is the place to give in-debth explanation of each puzzle in the list and discuss potential solutions from the literature.

For each puzzle, please roughly stick to a structure similar to:

  1. Detailed description of the puzzle
  2. Briefly reference were the puzzle was encountered (literatur)
  3. Discuss resolutions from the literatur. Please do not discuss your opinion unless you published it somewhere as this is not meant to be a discussion forum.

Once you are done, don't forget to add yourself to the list of contributors!

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