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Visualizing location history

This project combines my location history data from Google, Foursquare, and a simple spreadsheet of pre-2012 travels. It geocodes and reverse-geocodes the data, and produces static and interactive maps of everywhere I've been.

To download and visualize just Foursquare/Swarm check-in history, check out foursquare-location-history.ipynb. To download and visualize just Google location history, check out google-location-history-simple.ipynb.

Otherwise, for the full process:

  1. I downloaded and processed my Foursquare/Swarm check-in history with foursquare-location-history.ipynb
  2. I downloaded and processed my Google location history:
    1. Downloaded my Google location history from
    2. Reduced the size of the Google location history spatial data set with google-location-history-cluster.ipynb
    3. Reverse-geocoded the lat/long Google location history data to neighborhood, city, state, country with google-location-history-reverse-geocode.ipynb
  3. I created a simple spreadsheet of pre-2012 travels and geocoded it with previous-travels-history-geocode.ipynb
  4. Combine the Foursquare check-in history, the Google location history, and the previous travels data and visualize with visualize-location-history.ipynb
  5. View the interactive leaflet map with leaflet

For a simple demonstration of parsing, visualizing, and mapping your full Google location history with Python, see google-location-history-simple.ipynb