Course materials, Jupyter notebooks, tutorials, guides, and demos for a Python-based urban data science course.
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Urban Data Science

This repo is my workspace for developing a cycle of course materials, IPython notebooks, and tutorials towards an academic urban data science course based on Python.

Between Fall 2013 and Fall 2016, I was the grad student instructor (3 years) and co-lead instructor (1 year) for CP255, Urban Informatics and Visualization, at UC Berkeley. This course was developed by Paul Waddell and is ongoing at Berkeley with the fantastic contributions of @Arezoo-bz. If you're interested in these topics at all, you owe it to yourself to check out the latest iterations of Paul's excellent pedagogy in his CP255 repo. A couple years ago, I wrote this blog post describing our efforts for the course.

Some of the course materials in this repo and their sequencing have been adapted from materials I previously developed for lectures I gave in CP255. Others I have developed for related topics in the years since.

These materials are licensed under the terms of the MIT license.