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NeuroInformatics Database


The Neuroinformatics Database (NiDB) is designed to store, retrieve, analyze, and share neuroimaging data. Modalities include MR, EEG, ET, video, genetics, assessment data, and any binary data. Subject demographics, family relationships, and data imported from RedCap can be stored and queried in the database.

Visit for more support and information about NiDB.

Watch an overview of the main features of NiDB (Recorded 2015): Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

The git repository is composed of the following sections:

  • doc - Documentation, Word documents (out-of-date)
  • src - Source code
  • tools - Various tools, binary helper programs, and scripts

FIX for v2020.6.508

In version 2020.6.508, the nidb executable may not launch because it could not load the MySQL driver. This is fixed in the newest version, but to fix this minor issue without upgrading, perform the following

mkdir /nidb/bin/sqldrivers; cp /usr/lib/ /nidb/bin/sqldrivers

Current version of NiDB

NiDB was re-written in 2019-2020 using C++ instead of Perl. This allowed for much more reliable code and an opporunity for more people to contribute to development. All Perl files have been moved to the src/old directory for historical reference. As part of the rewrite, a new installer using .rpm was created. See the Releases section to download the current .rpm.

Further changes include:

  • Only CentOS 8 is supported (CentOS 7 is still somewhat supported)
  • Only MariaDB 10.0+ supported
  • Only PHP7+ is supported


Follow the NiDB-Install.pdf directions included with the current release.

Building NiDB from Source

Follow the NiDB-Build.pdf directions included with the current release.


Visit the NiDB's github issues page for more support.

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