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AppleTV and Frontrow plugin for media playback and metadata fetching/sorting
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I long hosted Sapphire on my own server using SVN. I no longer used SVN for anything and I wanted to shutdown the SVN repositories on my server but I don't want Sapphire's source to be lost to time. So I did a quick SVN->GIT conversion of the repositories and moved them here to Github. I didn't bother with converting the authors from the SVN usernames (which were local to my server) to name/emails.


I've not built Sapphire in a long time and the process of this conversion is no exception. It was designed for a much older version of OS X than is current so it may no longer build anymore. If you want to attempt to build Sapphire, you will need to setup a development environment for 1st Gen AppleTV development. Good luck.

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