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  • Style new search results dialog and several input components (#186)
  • Correct background color of quick search help footer (84b8944)

Thanks to @mastermel for this release.


  • Correct styling of backgrounds on new app page (#175)
  • Correct dropdown menu text color (#182, #181)
  • Correct styling of thread message input (#183, #184)
  • Add selectors for new alerts (#179)
  • Correct hover background color on threads (#178)
  • Restore yellow background of highlight mentions (#176)
  • Style new search modal (#177)

Thanks to @mastermel, @jspaetzel, @gfody, and @mortenlj for this release.


  • Style member mentions in channel topics (#173)
  • Style channel purpose in channel list (#174)

Thanks to @mastermel and @jspaetzel for this release.


  • Correct colors for unread section headers (#150)
  • Correct color on channel warning and highlights (#170)
  • Correct styles for limited channel history foreword (#148)

Thanks to @mastermel and @Jiri-Kremser for this release.


  • Fix unviewable topics (#163)
  • Correct color on team member and user listings (#165)
  • Correct background-color of message--editing element (#166)
  • Darken colors on mentions and reactions (#167)
  • Correct color on file attachment titles (#168)
  • Correct colors on user and channel tokens in search results (#169)

Thanks to @mastermel for this release.


  • Fix messaging pane background styles (#159)

Thanks to @denno020 for this release.


  • Fix dissimilar header icon colors (#151)
  • Correct styling of history loading message (#153)
  • Change gradient color for snippets and remove white outline (#152)
  • Correct the color of the placeholder text in the message box (#156)
  • Correct color of multi-party direct message text (#155)
  • Correct container styling for files (#154)

Thanks to @ifvictr, @narkq, and @mastermel for this release.


  • Support for new mention classes (#141)
  • Fixed styles for code text and code gutter (#142)
  • Fixed styles for autocomplete modal (#143)
  • Lightened text on user menus (#144)
  • Corrected styles for channel descriptions (#145)
  • Partial support for Slack kit components (64d24c5)

Thanks to @mastermel for this release.

2017-10-08 - Major Release

  • Remove old styles (d9bc2b4)
  • Add style for new sidebar channel close hover (4874248)
  • Add styles for flexpane conversation details (62b7b70)
  • Add styles for channel highlights (#121)
  • Update search flexpane styles (8d11e88)
  • Remove old ID from selectors for team member items and filter selects (30be88e)
  • Add member styles for filter selects (84433eb)
  • Add style for message mentions button (ad4152f)
  • Add styles for miscellaneous menu elements (ad8fa7c)
  • Add styles for shortcuts button in help modal (cd285d7)
  • Add style for new message preview in preferences modal (69b9b58)
  • Update styles for new apps directory landing (c6afd1e)
  • Update styles for OAuth pages (9698388)
  • Add style for focused message input mentions button (7bea561)
  • Add styles for new tooltips (f50ba8e)
  • Correct styling of inactive flexpane tabs (42d28fc)
  • Correct flexpane meta styles (7ce6956)
  • Add styles for canvases toggle (0ac7295)
  • Correct broken selectors (bb0186f)
  • Add styles for developer apps page (1584a62)
  • Add style for search spinner (d6767b5)
  • Add missing focus styles for primary file button (44f9bda)
  • Add missing styles for message meta information (f799845)
  • Add style for channel mute help text (453d42a)
  • Remove unnecessary styling (ebcc694)
  • Update styling of legal pages (3a479d5)
  • Update styles for new help request page (6b4b28d)
  • Add new coachmark selectors (3847213)
  • Add styles for starred messages flexpane timestamps (808a138)

2017-09-14 - Major Release

  • Add style for messaging input mention button (2d6a595)
  • Fix topic message and user mentions colors (#120)
  • Remove old status page overrides (69d1bab)
  • Add styles for enterprise analytics (#118)
  • Add overrides for new shared team member styles (4048598)
  • Add styles for shortcuts flexpane (993879a)
  • Add filters for post editor icons (f9a9760)
  • Add styles for app tabs, details, and permissions (73465bc)
  • Correct styles for app directory cards (9c6137b)
  • Improve styles for team avatar menu (a406dbc)
  • Add styles for new preferences modal examples (9c2e048)
  • Add styles for invite modal alert (569e12a)
  • Correct style for file preview modal download tooltip filesize (69097d0)
  • Correct styles for direct messages modal (8984079)
  • Improve channel preferences modal styles (2993d76)
  • Update styles for apps modal (0701cf5)
  • Add styles for unread messages loading screen (ae5b216)
  • Add style for unread group collapse caret (07ad773)
  • Add styles for thread reply input (ce1d16a)
  • Add style for follow message description text (6719888)
  • Add style for ephemeral messages (38c4db2)
  • Simplify mention styles (62d0c49)
  • Add styles for inline media toggler (edd3306)
  • Improve (edited) styles (4bbb17e)
  • Add styles for inline file preview meta descriptions (a0a5ab8)
  • Add styles for attachment preview show less button; improve existing expand button (0a49257)
  • Correct style of inline media toggler caret (29b7814)
  • Add styles for team menu usage meter (b271a38)
  • Add styles for tabcomplete broadcasts and slash commands (1f42565)
  • Improve messaging input styles (f9c383e)
  • Override input grayscale filters (cd9d99b)
  • Improve styles for lazy filter select inputs (9cc7d9f)
  • Improve styles for enhanced text inputs (f1a752e)
  • Correct styles for member highlight in directory (3377eb8)
  • Add monkey scrollbar styles (b40125f)
  • Correct flexpane file filter tab styles (af7f7b9)
  • Correct file flexpane styles (a9a8301)
  • Improve channel flexpane styles (6ff042b)
  • Correct emoji pane styles (187be42)
  • Correct messaging and sidebar border; remove old border positioning hack (1dd43f9)
  • Add color overrides (db6e153)
  • Add style for bullets (fd01110)
  • Add green color variable (fec3a77)

2017-08-20 - Major Release

  • Add new sidebar styles (#117)
  • Correct styling of inline message inputs (#115)
  • Correct styling of flexpane tabs (7f29133)
  • Add styles for suggested statuses customization (ef51fcc)
  • Correct styling of member preview links (2523ca7)
  • Correct selector for lazy selectors (a79b57e)
  • Remove old statistics styles (a6e9807)
  • Update coachmark styles (8097875)
  • Correct styling of file button (60007b1)


  • Add styles for apps modal (#112)
  • Correct styles for team filter menu (b3786b2)
  • Correct focus color style for flexpane icon buttons (0b4612c)
  • Correct input border color styles (541e651)
  • Correct file menu button border style (3aec70c)
  • Correct autocomplete menu section header styles (8417b7a)
  • Correct preferences modal sidebar style section styles (35861dd)
  • Add style for reverse headers on API documentation (93565a6)
  • Update select for app menu styles (#113)
  • Add styles for expandable app descriptions (8b6bf68)
  • Add style for focused messages (70dad0c)


  • Update styling of sidebar border (73a2ea2)
  • Update styles for sidebar channels (1f13038)
  • Add styles for loading animation (2f1223a)
  • Update styles for emoji picker (a0eb22e)
  • Add styles for limited chat history banner (eb7245e)
  • Add style for active modal buttons (b17333c)
  • Add styles for new preference modal blocks (9b2ed18)
  • Correct styling of acive sidebar channel background for sidebar themes (83f9e0b)
  • Style user name in sidebar (d76625a)


  • Update input placeholder styles for empty inputs (1f11548)
  • Update sidebar channel selector styles (1b0a569)
  • Update search and tips styles for emoji pane (779c4ad)
  • Update flexpane header styles (1741c15)
  • Update input styles for new texty inputs (b8e3c3b)
  • Add styles for search results expand text (d878c8a)
  • Add styles for custom current statuses (fc0f13b)
  • Correct button color for attachment preview actions (bb9078f)
  • Update mention styles (9357d12)


  • Fix white search input (#108)
  • Add styles for message recaps (#107)
  • Add styles for new member file filter menu (888b0b4)
  • Update flexpane border selector (6047bf7)
  • Add new invite modal styles (aab2cbd)


  • Correct styles for channel sidebar (300caf4)
  • Improve styles for day dividers (3527b00)
  • Add style for hex color square border (e51e1ca)


  • Correct input text color for flexpane thread message editing (#106)

2017-02-12 - Major Release

  • Fix message toolbar styles (#103)
  • Fix thread input font color hover issue (#102)
  • Correct emoji tooltip search background (#105)
  • Fix sidebar styles (#104 and 5476ec0)
  • Purge old styles and selectors (a56b4db)
  • Improve styling of buttons (2d43d4d)
  • Fix styles for header search input (990237f)
  • Fix styles for flexpane mention options bar (f3b4e57)
  • Improve scrollbar styles (a97fa13)
  • Update flexpane and header styles (ca0e073)
  • Add style for direct messaging presence icon (90fcb63)
  • Improve emoji selection backgrounds (96d8e7c)
  • Update selector for file button (de1d80b)
  • Correct flexpane close button selector (eb0216f)
  • Correct border around embedded standalone messages (9527113)
  • Improve styling of flexpane headings across variants (e580685)
  • Add styles for top search results block (ca9afea)
  • Update styles for member selection filters (7aa2030)
  • Remove preferences modal hover background style (136fabe)
  • Add date style for Slack status page messages (16fc2fc)
  • Improve page styles (63ac356)
  • Add style for flexpane mention source headings (6ca173f)
  • Correct flexpane thread styles (00e3aa5)
  • Add missing form styles (38c048c)
  • Improve team menu styles (2365461)
  • Add styles for file container hovering (3bbb0fa)
  • Force styling of code input line numbers (a6afec7)
  • Add style for modal backdrops (ca82563)
  • Add style for bot labels in pinned message modal (8a24436)
  • Hide thread pane loading images (74a346b)
  • Correct styling of lazy filter selects on invite and share modals (963171b)
  • Add new styles for billing page (01fd961)
  • Add styles for legal page (7786ddf)
  • Prevent styling on pricing and security page (a8f88af)


  • Fix input styles for flexpane threads (#100)

2017-01-18 - Major Release

  • Support for threads (#99)
  • Correct scrollbar background on non-webkit browsers (#97)
  • Update base flexpane styles (a710b8b)
  • Update flexpane mentions filter bar styles (3c74ec2)
  • Update message box selectors (#98)
  • Add emoji button styles (e616881)
  • Update styles for team menu (eb7f417)
  • Update attachment group styles (6f9571f)
  • Update message select styles (e437719)
  • Add styles for quote bars (#92)
  • Add style for preferences modal legend (7aa4133)


  • Update message input styles (#91)
  • Update search result expand icon color (de3b26f)
  • Add style for inline attachment border bar (fixes #88)


  • Correct message background color on hover, add styles for pinned messages (#90)
  • Update search input styles (7dcfb78)


  • Fix new messages notification banner (#85)
  • Fix channel header (#86)


  • Correct message input placeholder colors (#84)


  • Patch channel header selector (345521e)


  • Add styles for All Unreads (#81)

2016-09-11 - Major Release

  • Fix team menu scroller (#77)
  • Sidebar improvements (#79)
  • Improve style domain regex (#76)
  • Fix flexpane background (#80)
  • Fix preferences modal styles (#78)
  • Fix flexpane toolbar selector (e1b592a)
  • Improve readability of archives banner link (ec6d147)
  • Add styles for active file lists in flexpane (2fc4c82)
  • Update selectors for image viewer comment panel (be668a1)
  • Update selectors for image viewer meta header (0bbb4da)
  • Add styles for channel preferences modal (cc6c712)
  • Improve readability of archives banner link (b716fff)
  • Improve background color for highlighted preferences sections (9ed784e)
  • Update selector for unread highlights (27a6539)
  • Update apps directory styles (7a2f8eb)
  • Add styles for keyboard shortcuts modal (86202a4)
  • Correct styles for quick jumper (9ea575e)


  • Correct sidebar text colors (373888e)
  • Correct message input placeholder and typing indicator colors (#75)
  • Correct top of scrollbar (#74)

2016-06-29 - Major Release

  • Add styles for new scrollbars (#59)
  • Fix menu backgrounds (#60, #61, #67, #68)
  • Update preference modal styles (#62)
  • Fix menu backgrounds in Firefox (#71)
  • Remove stray border for inline videos (1dce98c)
  • Correct text color for post snippets (#70)
  • Fix loading screen styles (3e1930a)
  • Fix team menu hover background color (fe3cad4)
  • Fix channel item hover background color (8cbe30d)
  • Add styles for files list filter menus on team page (#69)
  • Add styles for app directory autocomplete menu (#65)
  • Add style for new modal nodes (5f79b97)
  • Add styles for new channel notice (#63)
  • Fix styles for member invitation menu on new channel modal (#64)
  • Add styles for help modal (#66)
  • Improve and fix API documentation styling (3aff17a)
  • Make code selections visible (99b1a5b)


  • Removed old emoji menu background hover color override (f10b1a7)
  • Corrected styles for reactions (a01a44f)
  • Added new attachment styles (c4010e0)
  • Corrected styles for app directory categories (151d600)
  • Added styles for team switcher (eeb769f)
  • Corrected styles for direct message close button (27f94d0)
  • Corrected styles for emoji skin selector (7a9949b)
  • Added style for flexpane message jump links (b9395d6)
  • Added color override for old_petunia_grey (c46ae0c)
  • Added style for menu icons (803bb26)
  • Corrected styles for file comment input (31ff75c)
  • Updated styles for search menu (3a0ba89)
  • Improved search match highlight style (03f1ed9)


  • Add styles for sharing messages (#58)
  • Improve styling of modal footers (6d9d32e)


  • Correct styling for main chat input background (#56) and for hovering on the unread notifications bar (74abf1c)


  • Updated broken styles caused by a recent update, which caused a white background behind notification bars (6cdb894)
  • Corrected styles which broke the day divider divider (#54)
  • Added styles for mentions day divider in flexpane (52d5675)


  • Fix white bar under header (#53), search input border and autocomplete modifier styles (3641f7c), and day divider styles (3b6c382)
  • Added styles for history navigation on the team page (96abf60)


  • Added styles for new date jumper (567e550) and new flexpane subheadings (b5259d9)
  • Improve styling of file upload button on hover (a27e73e and #48)
  • Fixed styles for team admin preferences page (4b97c35), search autocomplete dropdown (c63a023), channel link hover border radius (b4d8254), readonly/disabled inputs backgrounds (b81cd1d), inline image attachment backgrounds (5cbc44a), and various fixes for the image viewer (c8e88d2)


  • Improve styles for main input (#48), search input (#47), and notification bar links (#46)
  • Corrected styles for emoji skin selector (#52), flexpane reactions (#51), current user's name (#50), member pages (#49), and loading screen "loading" text (815df5d)


  • Updated styles for new loading screen (#45)
  • Removed limited messaging alert background (#44)
  • Updated styles for reaction toasts (#43)


  • Updated styles for updated team menu (21f6a41)


  • Corrected styles for direct message close hover (#42)


  • Corrected styles for quick switcher items (#41)


  • Corrected styles for notification bars (54c8f09)


  • Added styles for incoming calls (621dce9)
  • Updated styles for inline media expanders (216082d)
  • Updated styles for new channel header (3c2114d)
  • Added styles for new inline channel topic editor (15da7cd)
  • Added styles for new day containers (8185fe3)
  • Updated styles for flexpane search refinement tabs (f227f34)
  • Fixed background color on unloaded image thumbnails in the flexpane (f508a8d)
  • Updated styles for notifications (25d18fe)


  • Added styles for split pages (#39)
  • Corrected styles for floating menus on error pages (acfc844)
  • Corrected overlapping issue with scrollbar (d6cf363)
  • Corrected styles for highlighted messages (42d0efd)


  • Corrected styles for post editor (#38)
  • Corrected background color issue for hovered file menu items (890d811)

2016-01-20 - Major Release

  • Added styles for OAuth pages (d0d0cd9), 404 pages (786a690), pricing page (282c534), and for the API documentation (1f64964)
  • Use white Slack logo on pages (0e4bbbc)
  • Improved readability of code snippets (be0e3d5)
  • Corrected styles for updated app directory (f30407e)


  • Added styles for new quick search. Corrected styles for inline team menu's data (e.g. timezones)


  • Corrected styles for image viewer meta information (#37)
  • Corrected style for channel invite link (efafa56)


  • Added styles for new image viewer (#34)
  • Updated class for flexpane header buttons (#35)

2015-12-15 - Major Release

  • Added styles for new app directory (#33), status page (#27), and the new preferences modal (7f9973b)
  • Improved menu contrast (7c5e5ac)
  • Corrected square hover background for team menu (21c7de0)


  • Corrected styling for preferences modal (#32), menu hovering (#31), and adjacent new messages and day divider (#30)
  • Improved styles for tooltips (b63f13b) and divider labels (72f231c)


  • Corrected selector for hovered messages (#28)
  • Corrected styles for mentions (#26)
  • Added styles for emoji skin picker. Improved README and Makefile.


  • Corrected selector for invalid message scroller container spacing hack, added styles for emoji skin picker.


  • Added styles for channel-specific notification settings.


2015-11-07 - Major Release


  • Added styles for new "what's new" flexpane section, channels modal, direct messages modal. Improved styling on filter selects and toggles. Several other bug fixes, including #14.


  • Fixed styles for member preview background in flexpane (#13)


  • Added styles for filter inputs and share modals. Updated styles to reflect recent changes to attachments, menus, tab-completion menus, and more.


  • Added styles for lightbox navigation buttons. Updated styles for inline code snippets and attachments. Bug fixes (4e35642, 8555895, df60b4f, #8, #9, #10, #11)



  • Added styles for tab complete menu. Added styles for lightboxes. Bug fixes (#1, #2, #5)

2015-08-08 - Major Release

  • Switched to Sass. Added theming (incl. black and monospaced variants) Moved to GitHub. This change also includes many bug fixes and style support for previously unstyled features.


  • 2015-06-16: Updated styles for offline alerts, message editing, and new upload menu.
  • 2015-06-13: Updated styles for mentions, sign in page, and reaction toasts.
  • 2015-06-10: Added styles for reactions and new invitations modal. Many minor fixes (including input placeholders, icons, user popups, tooltips, flexpane views, inline image backgrounds, highlights, pinned posts, code snippets, and more)
  • 2015-05-22: Updated sidebar menu again after more style updates. More minor fixes (including inline image links)
  • 2015-05-20: Updated for recent style updates.
  • 2015-04-14: Added styles for channel information flexpane window.
  • 2015-04-09: Updated styles for recent flexpane updates.
  • 2015-01-28: Updated styles for chat search, flexpane file list, flexpane file view, flexpane team list, message tabbing popup, and many other small updates. Added styles to ignore changes for the Slack status page.
  • 2014-12-15: Updated header icons and added styles for image modals (lightboxes)
  • 2014-11-29: Added styles for the loading view, tips, and for the recent flexpane and search updates. Several small style fixes including changes to the message input area while disconnected, message container fade when changing channels, header icons, and improvements to the channel modal have also been made.
  • 2014-11-22: Added styles for the new flexpane search, new message alert, and the pricing page. Many small style fixes including changes to inline images/links on dense message themes, team website sidebar, and more.
  • 2014-10-23: Added styles for new Slack team websites. Many small style fixes including changes to the flexpane icon, embedded player controls, member list, and more.
  • 2014-09-26: Added styles for snippets and the Slack welcome message.
  • 2014-05-30: Added styles for empty one-on-one conversations.
  • 2014-05-29: Added styles for team websites.
  • 2014-05-28: Added styles for file uploads, inline markdown code snippets, autocomplete popovers, and channel topic forms. Changed some colours, including bot names and mentions, for readability.