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About the Landing Zone

A share Landing Zone (LZ) is where new files are stored, temporarily, before the Greyhole daemon (server) moves them to one of more of your pooled drives.

A Share Landing Zone is the path of that share, as defined in smb.conf (the Samba configuration file). (On Amahi, this is the Location field in the Setup > Shares page).

The Landing Zone should be chosen with care, but even so, it might sometimes be necessary to move it. Here's how you can move a share LZ.

Choosing a Landing Zone

Each share can have it's LZ on a different disk. i.e. it's not a requirement that all shares LZ be located insite the same folder, or disk.

A good rule of thumb is to use your biggest drive(s) to host your different LZ. There is no restriction about having a drive included in the pool, and also using it as a LZ for your shares, except that you need to make sure not to put your LZ inside the directories included in the pool (in Amahi, this is the gh folder found in the root on each of your drives).

Users who don't use Amahi should note that including the root of their drives in the pool will prevent them from using those drives as the LZ.


If you have two drives, mounted as /mnt/hdd0 and /mnt/hdd1, you might want to include /mnt/hdd0/gh and /mnt/hdd1/gh in your storage pool, and then use /mnt/hdd0/shares/ShareName as your shares Landing Zone. You can also spread the LZ on your different drives, so using /mnt/hdd1/shares/ShareName2 as the LZ for other shares is not a problem.

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