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How to create symlinks on Greyhole shares

The Samba server that uses Greyhole will have UNIX extensions off (to make the Greyhole symlinks opaque), but sometimes, having symlinks on your shares can be useful. Simply using ln won't help you there, complaining about Operation not supported.

On Linux, the trick is to mount the shares using the mfsymlinks mount option.

If you used the latest version of the mount_shares_locally script, your shares are already mounted locally using that option, and ln will work properly. If not, simply update your mount_shares_locally script to the latest version to get this feature.

From Mac clients, that option is there by default for all SMB mounts, and using ln will always work as expected on Mac.

On Windows, those symlinks will appear as simple text files (they really are text files, that Linux & Mac interpret as symlinks).

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