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How to re-use non-Greyhole data drives as Greyhole storage pool drives - NAS migration

  1. Install Greyhole.

  2. Add your existing data drives as Greyhole storage_pool_drive in greyhole.conf

  3. For each of your share (configured in smb.conf), you'll need to make sure your existing files that you want to appear in that share are stored on 1+ or your storage pool drives, in a directory named the same as your share. For example, if you have a share named [Movies] in smb.conf, and your storage pool drives, as defined in greyhole.conf, are /mnt/hdd0/gh and /mnt/hdd1/gh, your movies files should reside in /mnt/hdd0/gh/Movies and/or /mnt/hdd1/gh/Movies.

  4. You'll want to test Greyhole first, to make sure it works as expected, and that new files (just create empty files on your shares) end up in 1+ or your storage pool drives, next to the already existing data you have there already. At this point, your old data will still not be visible on your shares.

  5. Launch a fsck, to create metadata & extra copies of your existing files: greyhole --fsck --find-orphaned-files --dir=/mnt/hdd0/gh Repeat for all your storage pool drives.