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Since version 0.9.29, Greyhole allows you to use ZFS datasets as storage pool drives.

If you want to convert your drives to ZFS, here's how you can do it.

The change from anything to ZFS is destructive, so you will need to:

  1. Remove the drive from the Greyhole pool: greyhole --going /path/to/drive1

  2. Delete all partitions from drive1 (using cfdisk or gparted).

  3. Create a ZFS pool on the disk: zpool create $LABEL -m none /dev/disk/by-id/$DISK_ID (I used LABEL=hdd1. Careful to use the correct DISK_ID! There's no confirmation of any sort.)

  4. Create a ZFS dataset on the just-created pool: zfs create -o atime=off -o xattr=off -o normalization=formD -o mountpoint=/mnt/$LABEL $LABEL/ROOT (/mnt/$LABEL is where I want it mounted)

  5. Remove drive1 from /etc/fstab

  6. Re-add it to greyhole.conf: mkdir /mnt/$LABEL/gh Then add /mnt/hdd1/gh as a storage_pool_drive in /etc/greyhole.conf

To use ZFS on my Ubuntu server, you would need to install this PPA: Then install the ubuntu-zfs and mountall packages.

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