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Unofficial Nest Learning Thermostat API

This is a PHP class that will allow you to monitor and control your Nest Learning Thermostat, and Nest Protect.

Note that since I started this, Nest have started an official Developer program. You might be better served using the official APIs, versus this PHP class here in which you need to store your credentials in plain text, and which use the non-supported APIs used by the mobile & web apps.
i.e. if you're building a serious commercial application, go sign-up into Nest's Developer program. If you just want to build something for yourself, then you're probably fine with this PHP class here.


  • Caching so that it doesn't re-login when it doesn't need to. i.e. faster operations.
  • Getters:
    • Current & target temperatures, humidity
    • Time to target temperature
    • Target temperature mode, fan mode
    • AC, heat, and fan status: on or off
    • Manual and automatic away mode
    • Location information
    • Network information (local & WAN IPs, MAC address, online status)
    • Currently active schedule (by day)
    • Next scheduled event
    • Last 10 days energy report
    • Device name, devices list
    • Battery level (voltage)
    • Nest Protect device information
  • Setters:
    • Target temperatures (single, or range)
    • Target temperature mode: cool, heat, range
    • Fan mode: auto, on, minutes per hour
    • Fan: every day schedule (start & stop time)
    • Fan: on with timer (stops after X minutes/hours)
    • Eco (Away) mode: on, off, min/max temperatures, Auto-Away
    • Dual fuel: breakpoint (use alt. fuel when outdoor temp is below X), always alt, always primary
    • Safety temperatures (low & high temperatures)
    • Humidity (on, off, %)
    • Turn off HVAC


You can just download nest.class.php and require/include it, or use composer: require "gboudreau/nest-api": "dev-master".

See examples.php for details, but here's a Quick Start.



// Use a Nest account:
$username = '';
$pasword = 'Something other than 1234 right?';
$nest = new Nest($username, $pasword);

// Or use a Google account (see instructions below on how to find those values):
$issue_token = '';
$cookies = '#YOUR_COOKIES_HERE#'; // All on one line; remove any new-line character you might have
$nest = new Nest(NULL, NULL, $issue_token, $cookies);

// Get the device information:
$infos = $nest->getDeviceInfo();
// Print the current temperature
printf("Current temperature: %.02f degrees %s\n", $infos->current_state->temperature, $infos->scale);

// Cool to 23
$nest->setTargetTemperatureMode(TARGET_TEMP_MODE_COOL, 23.0);
// Set Away mode

// Turn off Away mode

Example output for getDeviceInfo():

  "current_state": {
    "mode": "range",
    "temperature": 24.09999,
    "humidity": 42,
    "ac": false,
    "heat": false,
    "fan": true,
    "auto_away": 0,
    "manual_away": false,
    "leaf": false,
    "battery_level": 3.948
  "target": {
    "mode": "range",
    "temperature": [
    "time_to_target": 0
  "serial_number": "01AB02BA117210S5",
  "scale": "C",
  "location": "1061f350-a2f1-111e-b9eb-123e8b139117",
  "network": {
    "online": true,
    "last_connection": "2012-09-30 21:26:25",
    "wan_ip": "",
    "local_ip": "",
    "mac_address": "18b430046194"

Use try...catch to catch exceptions that could occur:

try {
    $nest = new Nest(NULL, NULL, $issue_token, $cookies);
    // Execute all Nest-related code here
} catch (UnexpectedValueException $ex) {
    // Happens when the issue_token or cookie is not working, for whatever reason
    $error_message = $ex->getMessage();
} catch (RuntimeException $ex) {
    // Probably a temporary server-error
} catch (Exception $ex) {
    // Other errors; should not happen if it worked in the past

// Continue your code here, for example to save the result in a database

Using a Google Account

The values of $issue_token, and $cookies are specific to your Google Account. To get them, follow these steps (only needs to be done once, as long as you stay logged into your Google Account).

  • Open a Chrome browser tab in Incognito Mode (or clear your cache).
  • Open Developer Tools (View/Developer/Developer Tools).
  • Click on Network tab. Make sure Preserve Log is checked.
  • In the Filter box, enter issueToken
  • Go to, and click Sign in with Google. Log into your account.
  • One network call (beginning with iframerpc) will appear in the Dev Tools window. Click on it.
  • In the Headers tab, under General, copy the entire Request URL (beginning with, ending with This is your $issue_token.
  • In the Filter box, enter oauth2/iframe
  • Several network calls will appear in the Dev Tools window. Click on the last iframe call.
  • In the Headers tab, under Request Headers, copy the entire cookie value (include the whole string which is several lines long and has many field/value pairs - do not include the Cookie: prefix). This is your $cookies; make sure all of it is on a single line.


If you have any issues, try adding this at the top of your PHP script, to ask PHP to echo all errors and warnings.



Developed mainly using a free open-source license of PHPStorm kindly provided by JetBrains. Thanks guys!


Unofficial Nest Learning Thermostat API








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