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X crash if using utf8 characters in name a/o tags (wikipædia)
. search function do not work (remove console.log() at first)
X add/edit: once default value as been erased, do not clean when focus on
. add/edit link: decode url encoded characters in metatags (title, description)
. link metadata: BeautifulSoup parsing errors:
. (on title)
. (parsing <script> error)
. (parse error)
. (403 forbidden)
. tag detail: add quotes ("") to related tag links with space ("loudness war")
X favicon
. debian package
. i18n
. add/edit page
X set default focus to url input field
X set default text (url,name,description) in lightgrey
X delete default text on focus
NOTE: should be delete first only, not after
- description: allow html/markdown/whatever syntax, formating helper
- url: after entering url, query it
X onload animated picture
. set a warning if we can't retrieve url (manage metadata queries errors)
X pre-fill name, description,
. suggest tags fields with page meta-headers
X get/store site favicon
. redisplay favicon when editing link
. if link name is too long un black title, reduce length with '...'
X tags: sort alphabetically
- tags: ajax field (see old version)
- tags: when choosing tag, suggest others based on link relations
. tag page
. selected tags appear in black bar: allow clicking on tag to change sign/remove tag instead of placing at right
. description: put '...' if too long (with a 'show all' button)
. "discrete" mode (hide a set of *special* tags)
. per-user tags/links
. shared links (to all/some users)
. count numbers of clics for an url (using redirector or javascript event catcher)
. possibility to sort urls per click
. anonymous clic (remove referer)
. design: move 'add a link' just upon, overlapping black bar
. associate icon with tags
. group tags (lang:en, lang:fr)
. add 'delete link' button (with confirmation)
. advanced tag cloud
. firefox plugin
. mobile version
. get site preview image
. search field may appear on all pages
. add keyboard shortcuts:
ctrl+a : add new link
ctrl+e : edit current link
ctrl+c : tag cloud