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VIP swap test

In order to test swapping load balancers between 2 VM scale sets, this takes a simple self-contained Ubuntu autoscale example and adds a VNET parameters to make it easy to create 2 scale sets in the same VNET. To use this..

Use the first deployment template to create a scale set in a new resource group and VNEt. Use the second template to create another scale set in the same resource group and VNET as before.

  • Browse to the website of any load balancer (port 9000), which shows the current backend VM name.
  • To start doing work on the first VM browse to dns:9000/do_work
  • After a few minutes the VM Scale Set capacity will increase.
  • You can stop doing work by browsing to dns:9000/stop_work.

For more information see VIP Swap – blue-green deployment in Azure Resource Manager

First scale set

Second scale set