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azurerm - change log

v0.10.0 (5/1/19):

  • New Compute API version 2019-03-01
  • Adding skip_shutdown boolean option to stop_vm() - True will power-off VM in 10s or less

v0.9.18 (4/18/19): Adding list nsg/asg functions - thanks @mfunger

  • list_nsgs(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group)
  • list_nsgs_all(access_token, subscription_id)
  • list_asgs(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group)
  • list_asgs_all(access_token, subscription_id)

v0.9.15 (12/13/18):

  • Fix to graph functions (incorrect GRAPH_RESOURCE_HOST value)

v0.9.14 (12/13/18):

  • Fix to graph functions (required import os library)

v0.9.13 (12/13/18):

  • Added Microsoft Graph functions: get_graph_token_from_msi(), get_object_id_from_graph()
  • A user's object ID is required when creating an Azure Key Vault for example.
  • get_graph_token_from_msi() assumes you're running in an Azure Cloud Shell or VM.

v0.9.12 (12/11/18):

  • Added list_tenants() to list tenants user has access to. Added test and updated Updated BASE_API version.
  • Added key vault functions: create_keyvault(), delete_keyvault(), get_keyvault(), list_keyvaults(), list_keyvaults_sub(). Added keyvault unit tests.

v0.9.11 (11/08/18):

  • Update get_access_token_from_cli() to work in Azure cloud shell by getting token from MSI endpoint

v0.9.10 (11/07/18):

  • BREAKING CHANGES get_storage_usage() now takes a location parameter list_vm_instance_view() is removed as the instance view is now provided in the list_vm call.
  • COMP_API version lowered to 2018-06-01 as 10-01 doesn't support listing VMSS NICs
  • Updated QA tests to introduce some delays (creating NSG, subnet, storage acc)

v0.9.9 (11/07/18):

  • Updated STORAGE_API to 2018-07-01

v0.9.7 (11/06/18):

  • Added DEPLOYMENT_API version 2018-05-01
  • Updated COMP_API to 2018-10-01 and NETWORK_API to 2018-08-01

v0.9.6 (12/11/17):

  • Incremented Resource groups API version to 2017-05-10
  • Added function: export_template(access_token, subscription_id, rgname) + unit test
  • Added function: get_resource_group_resources(access_token, subscription_id, rgname) + unit test

v0.9.5 (11/8/17):

  • Incremented Compute API version to 2017-12-01

v0.9.4 (11/6/17):

  • Adding media services examples (msleal)
  • Fixing get_subscription_from_cli() bug (msleal)

v0.9.3 (10/16/17):

  • BREAKING CHANGE: create_vmss() lb pool parameters are now optional. New usage:
    create_vmss(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group, vmss_name, vm_size, capacity,
                publisher, offer, sku, version, subnet_id, location, be_pool_id=None,
                lb_pool_id=None, storage_type='Standard_LRS', username='azure', password=None,
                public_key=None, overprovision=True, upgrade_policy='Manual',
    location arg is now before LB args, which can be omitted if you're not using a load balancer.

v0.9.2 (9/19/2017):

  • Media services fixes. Thanks @msleal.
  • create_asset_delivery_policy() and get_key_delivery_url()

v0.9.1 (9/18/2017):

  • Add put_vmss() and put_vmss_vm() functions for easy updating of scale set properties.
  • Note: put_vmss_vm() is currently preview and won't work outside of Canary environments.

v0.9.0 (9/16/2017):

  • Integration with msleal's Azure Media Services API wrapper library.
  • Part 1: integration of core APIs. Example library integration planned.

v0.8.28 (8/29/17):

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Improved scale_vmss() to no longer require VM size or sku - now it only requires resource group, VMSS name and capacity. New definiton: def scale_vmss(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group, vmss_name, capacity)

v0.8.27 (8/28/17):

  • Fixed list_vmss_nics() (incorrect API version)

v0.8.26 (8/27/17):

  • Fixed list_insights_components()

v0.8.25 (8/22/17):

  • Comments formatting for only.

v0.8.24 (8/22/17):

  • Added cosmosdb API - thanks @iainfoulds.

v0.8.23 (8/11/17):

v0.8.22 (8/10/17):

  • Breaking change - container instance group functions renamed to xxx_container_instance_group_yyy e.g. create_container_instance_group(), list_container_instance_groups_sub() etc.
  • Complete docstring comments work. All functions have complete docstring descriptions.

v0.8.20 (8/04/17):

  • Comments improvements, using docstring, with a view to hosting docs on readthedocs soon.
  • Made get_access_key_from_cli() check all keys in the CLI cache.

v0.8.18 (8/04/17):

  • Changed how container instance groups are handled, in order to manage multiple container instances in a group
  • Added helper function: create_container_definition(container_name, image, port=80, cpu=1.0, memgb=1.5, environment=None)
  • Create a list of these definitions which is then passed to create_container_group()
  • changed other container instance functions to work at a group level
  • create_container_group(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group, container_group_name, container_list, location, ostype='Linux', port=80, iptype='public')
  • delete_container_group(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group, container_group_name)
  • get_container_group(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group, container_group_name)
  • get_container_logs(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group, container_group_name, container_name=None)
  • list_container_groups(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group)
  • list_container_groups_sub(access_token, subscription_id)

v0.8.17 (8/04/17):

  • ISO time format fix for get_access_token_from_cli()

v0.8.16 (8/04/17):

  • Added error checking to get_access_token_from_cli() to check accessToken hasn't expired

v0.8.15 (8/04/17):

  • ACS Windows support - Added admin_password and ostype=[Linux/Windows] arguments to create_container_service()
  • 'location' parameter now comes before public_key parmeter (which is now optional, as not required for ostype='Windows')

v0.8.13 (7/29/17):

  • Added support for container instances preview
  • New functions: create_container_instance, detete_container_instance, get_container_instance
  • list_container_instances_sub, list_container_instances, list_container_instances_sub

v0.8.12 (7/27/17):

  • Change get_subscription_from_cli() to read utf-8-sig encoding
  • Not sure why this became necessary after working before - will need to do more testing of this

v0.8.11 (7/27/17):

  • Added get_subscription_from_cli() to return the default, or named, subscription id from CLI's local cache - will only work if CLI local cache is present on the machine (i.e. you ran 'az login' once or are in Azure Cloud Shell)

v0.8.10 (7/25/17):

  • Remove contentVersion from template functions

v0.8.9 (7/25/17):

  • Fix bug in template functions which messed up parameters

v0.8.8 (7/20/17):

  • Changes to readme and to display readme in pypi.
  • Created a github wiki and started moving reference content out of the readme and into the wiki.

v0.8.2 (7/19/17):

  • Support getting Azure authentication from the local CLI cache instead of requiring a service principal.
  • Implies that you have run 'az login' recently enough to have a local unexpired auth token
  • New function get_access_token_from_cli()

v0.8.1 (6/26/2017):

v0.8.0 (6/25/2017):

  • Support national/isolated clouds. Now you can set an environment variable: AZURE_RM_ENDPOINT to override the default endpoint. E.g. for China: set AZURE_RM_ENDPOINT to ""

v0.7.29 (6/05/2017):

  • Add get_vmss_rolling_upgrades() for Rolling upgrade preview.

v0.7.28 (5/27/2017):

  • Change get_vmss_nics() to use COMP_API version.
  • Add get_vmss_public_ips()

v0.7.27 (5/27/2017):

  • Update Compute and Network API versions to latest.

v0.7.26 (5/13/2017):

  • Add get_events_for_subscription() for querying audit log - thanks @gatneil

v0.7.25 (Apr 25 2017):

  • Add support for VMSS public IP per VM preview in create_vmss()

v0.7.24 (Apr 24 2017):

  • Add Kubernetes support to create_acs() with optional params for app_id, app_secret - thanks @pothedar

v0.7.22 (Apr 4 2017):

  • Preview get_vmss_public_ips() (won't work unless your subscription is enabled)

v0.7.20 (Apr 4 2017):

  • Fix NETWORK_API version for get_vmss_vm_nics()

v0.7.19 (Feb 10 2017):

  • Add optional subnet address prefix parameter (subnet_prefix) to create_vnet()

v0.7.18 (Feb 10 2017):

  • Enhance examples/ to create VNET if not found.
  • Update Compute API version to 2017-03-30.

v0.7.17 (Feb 9 2017):

  • Add an optional nsg_id argument to create_nic()
  • Add nic support to examples\

v0.7.16 (Feb 6 2017):

  • Fix create_vm() to support creating multiple VMs in the same resource group (by not hardcoding osdisk name)
  • Improvements to examples/ to support ssh and various defaults

v0.7.15 (Feb 5 2017):

  • BREAKING CHANGE: create_vmss() - storage containers argument removed
  • Fix create_vmss() and create it with managed disks
  • Fix examples/create_vmss()
  • Update Compute test

v0.7.14 (Feb 5 2017):

  • BREAKING CHANGE: create_vm() - storage account argument removed, OS URI parameter removed
  • Fix create_vm() and create it with managed disks
  • Add list_vnet_rg() to list VNETs in a resource group
  • Fix examples/create_vm()
  • Add new examples/ to drop a jumpbox vm into existing VNET
  • Update Compute test

v0.7.13 (Jan 29 2017):

  • Set User-Agent in the Azure REST headers.

v0.7.12 (Jan 26 2017):

  • Add Availability Set support: create_as(), get_as(), delete_as(). Thanks @KineticHub
  • See also in examples.

v0.7.11 (Jan 22 2017):

  • Add paginated list_vmss_vm_instance_view_pg() function to make it easier to get a smaller list of instances views at a time

v0.7.10 (Jan 20 2017):

  • Fix adal deprecation issue

v0.7.9 (Jan 19 2017):

  • Update BASE_API for Resource Manager calls to 2016-09-01

v0.7.8 (Jan 18 2017):

  • Update list_vmss_vm_instance_view() to use paginated API
  • Set COMP_API version to be 2016-04-30-preview

v0.7.7 (Jan 10 2017):

  • Add update_load_balancer() - makes it easy to change load balancer configuration
  • Add to examples

v0.7.6 (Jan 6 2017):

  • Update COMPUTE_API to 2016-08-30
  • Adds ability to update customData property of a VM scale set

v0.7.5 (Dec 9 2016):

  • Update NETWORK_API to 2016-09-01
  • This change fixes get_vmss_nics()

v0.7.4 (Dec 5 2016):

  • Updated Microsoft.Compute API version to 2016-04-30-preview
  • This is to support preview scale set features like managed disks and large scale sets

v0.7.3 (Nov 19 2016):

  • Added list_vmss_skus(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group, vmss_name)
  • list the VM skus available for a VM Scale Set

v0.7.2 (Oct 31 2016):

  • Refactored azure media services functions (finishing the changes in 0.7.0)

v0.7.1 (Oct 31 2016):

  • BREAKING CHANGE: to support sha key support in create_vm() and create_vmss()

  • These function have new positions for user/password, and the new public_key parameter

  • You can now provide a public_key OR a password (or both if you want)

  • New usage: create_vm(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group, vm_name, vm_size, publisher, offer, sku, version, storage_account, os_uri, nic_id, location, username='azure', password=None, public_key=None)

  • it is recommended to pass in the username, password and/or public_key as named parameters to avoid confusion.

  • New usage: create_vmss(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group, vmss_name, vm_size, capacity, publisher, offer, sku, version, storage_container_list, subnet_id, be_pool_id, lb_pool_id, location, username='azure', password=None, public_key=None, overprovision='true', upgradePolicy='Manual')

  • it is recommended to pass in any optional parameters after username as named parameters to avoid confusion.

v0.7.0 (Oct 31 2016):

  • All create functions have been refactored to make them easier to maintain.
  • Previously a PUT REST call had its JSON body constructed using join() to concatenate a string. This was cumbersome and messy to update.
  • Now a Python dictionary is constructed for the body, which is then converted to a string with json.dumps()
  • In future it will be easier to create functions without messing with large join() strings.

v0.6.17 (Oct 29 2016):

  • Add create_autoscale_rule() and create_autoscale_settings().
  • The output from create_autoscale_rule() is a dictionary object. Create a list of these rules and pass the list as an argument to create_autoscale setttings().
  • Pass in the name of an existing VM scale set to create_autoscale_settings.
  • Added unit tests for insights. See in test/ for an example of how to call these new functions.

v0.6.16 (Oct 23 2016):

  • Added list_vm_instance_view() to get instance details about the VMs in a resource group

v0.6.15 (Oct 23 2016):

  • Added get_vm_instance_view() to get instance state details about a VM

v0.6.13 (Oct 14 2016):

  • Added Azure Container Services support + unit tests.
  create_container_service(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group, service_name,
    agent_count, agent_vm_size, agent_dns, master_dns, admin_user, public_key, location,
    master_count=3, orchestrator='DCOS') # create a new container service 
  delete_container_service(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group, container_service_name) # delete a named container service
  get_container_service(access_token, subscription_id, resource_group, service_name) # get details about an Azure Container Server
  list_acs_operations(access_token) # list available Container Server operations
  list_container_services(access_token, subscription_id, resource_grou) # list the container services in a resource group
  list_container_services_sub(access_token, subscription_id) # list the container services in a subscription

v0.6.12 (Oct 7 2016):

  • Added create_vmss() function + unit test. This function creates a VM Scale Set. Initially it only accepts a password rather than a cert. There are a few assumptions made about load balancer configuration too. For example see
  • Started using a change log :-)

Earlier versions

The most recent enhancements before 0.6.12 include the following:

  • Added create_vm() function to create a virtual machine.
  • Added create_lb_with_nat_pool() function to create a load balancer which can be used with VM Scale Sets.
  • Added unit tests, with the goal that all new functions should include a unit test. See test/ for more details. These are also useful for seeing how to call functions.
  • Added delete_vnet().
  • Fixed a bug with stop_vm().
  • Added pagination support for list functions.
  • Added media services support (msleal).
  • Added insights metrics support (gatneil).
  • Added ability to list deployment operations (rcarmo).
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