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azurerm unit tests

The azurerm unit tests have the following principles:

  • Each azurerm function call is tested by at least one unit test.
  • Each new azurerm function checkin should have a unit test associated with it.
  • All affected unit tests pass before a code change is checked in. Affected means tests which directly or indirectly cause the modified code to run.
  • Certain checkins with large potential effects, like modifying an API version require all unit tests to pass.

Note 9/12/16: Formalized unit tests are a new addition and it will be a while before they have effective coverage.


  1. Install dependent libraries: unittest, pyhaikunator, json, azurerm
  2. Copy azurermconfig.json.tmpl to azurermconfig.json and fill in settings that work in your test environment, and desired Azure location etc.

Using azurerm unittests

cd azurerm/test
python -m unittest <>


python -m unittest
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