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Archipel, future ready orchestrator

In a nutshell

Archipel is a solution to manage and supervise virtual machines. No matter if you have a few locally on your computer or thousands through data centers, Archipel is a central solution to manage them all. You can use all libvirt-supported virtualization engines like KVM, Xen, OpenVZ or VMWare. You can perform all basic virtualization commands and many other things like live migration, VMCasts, packages, etc.

Real time

Archipel uses XMPP for all communication. There is no webservice or custom protocol. You just need at least one XMPP server — like eJabberd — to start playing with it. This allows Archipel to work completely real time. You never have to refresh the user interface. You'll be notified as soon as something happens. You can even use your favorite chat clients to command your infrastructure. Isn't it great to be able to open a chat conversation with your virtual machine and say things like "How are you today?" or "Hey, please reboot"?





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