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DONE [5] in Dan Brown (A&D)
MERGED fixed BookReader.cpp
DONE Gtk fs->ufs => reduce window size same problem in qt3 version, looks like wm bug
MERGED fixed for gtk: ZLGtkApplicationWindow.cpp
MERGED fixed for qt3: ZLQtApplicationWindow.cpp
DONE hyphenation in word '80-х' (Задорнов)
MERGED fixed in ZLTextParagraphBuilder.cpp
DONE wait message in fullscreen
MERGED fixed ZLGtkWaitMessage.cpp
MERGED fixed ZLQtWaitMessage.cpp
DONE browser name in debian
DONE deb package for liblinebreak
DONE slow repaint in library mode
MERGED fixed ZLTextPositionIndicator.cpp
DONE author && title for feedbooks mobi books
MERGED fixed MobipocketPlugin.cpp, ZLLanguageUtil.{h,cpp}, Encodings.xml
DONE book links in feedbooks epub files
DONE more languages in MobipocketPlugin.cpp
DONE author duplication
MERGED fixed BookDescription.cpp
DONE option: add automatically all books/books with metainfo only
DONE error during loading "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes".mobi
DONE common place for curl timeout values
DONE errors during link downloading
DONE option: network operation timeout
DONE copyright: 2008->2009
MERGED fixed in all source files
DONE error messages for network operations
DONE "toBeTranslated/obsolete" attributes for resourse files
DONE html images
MERGED fixed in HtmlBookReader.cpp
MERGED fixed in ZLTextParagraph.cpp
DONE network/index.php
DONE new dialog screenshot in network/index.php
renew documentation about formats
renew documentation about tags
navigation document
command line document
new screenshots (with new icons)
qt4 crash on start
test proxy list/book download
DONE check file removing under Windows
DONE check 65001 code under Windows
DONE quick search at
advanced search at different result for first and second searches for "лук" author pattern
DONE extra lfrom in litres search results
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