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openSUSE 11.1 coLinux

This archive contains what is needed to install and run the openSUSE image for use with coLinux:

system.img 4Gb system image swap512m.img 512Mb swap location

Batch and parameters file needed to start coLinux install.bat, install.txt Installation process (needed once) runonce.bat Needed after installation run.bat, run.txt Start the environment after install

instructions-image.txt How to install using image files instructions-rpm.txt How to install using RPM


If you start the environment you need the following login credentials:

username: root password: password

Network is configured from the parameters file 'run.txt'.


Installation was performed as described in the instructions. You would need to download the businesscard ISO from Debian. You could find this at:

The businesscard ISO is about 35Mb.

With a tool like winrar (or mount it using a tool like Daemon Tools), you can extract the file /install.386/initrd.gz and save it as


in the directory where you extracted this base directory.

If you prefer to only download the initrd.gz, you can find it on:

and rename it to install_initrd.gz.

An empty harddisk file can be created with this distribution or download it from

After installing coLinux to the standard location you can run the install.bat and start the installation process. When the installation process interface is shown, you should toggle with ALT+F2 to a console.

Please press Enter to activate this console.

When you do so, you will see a BusyBox prompt where you can perform the instructions as shown in the instructions.txt.

A more detailed instruction can be found at: [tagged as colinux opensuse]

It has been tested on the current stable version of coLinux, which is 0.7.3. Any comments are welcome at

Gerard Braad