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A simple application for multi-factor authentication, written in HTML using jQuery Mobile, jsSHA, LocalStorage and Application Cache. It implements the TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Password) algorithm according to RFC6238 and has been tested to work with Google Authenticator, Dropbox, Dreamhost, Amazon, Linode, Okta and many other services.

More information can be found in the about dialog and the wiki.


To self-host a version of this application you can do so by just serving the files using Apache or nginx. For easy deployment, there is also a server.js node application which can be hosted from a nodejs 0.10-based container. This has been tested on Heroku/Dokku and OpenShift.

An experimental package for deployment on a local machine is available from


"Gerard Braad"


A small donation to show appreciation is always welcome.

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Matěj Cepl


If you have problems with the application, please first consult the Issue tracker at Github. You can also send me an email, PM me on Freenode or drop by in the chatroom.



Licensed under the [GPL license][GPL]. [GPL]: