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If you already have setuptools installed, installation is a simple
two-step process:
1. As root, run
# python install
2. Copy the example config file into your home directory as
$ cp conf/config.json ~/.identicurse
And you're done! Read the README to get up to speed on configuring
IdentiCurse to your liking, or just run "identicurse" to get going
with an automatically generated config.
If you do not have setuptools installed, you will need to either
install your distribution's package for it, or manually install it if
your distribution does not provide a package (instructions for which
will not be given here). The package name for setuptools in various
distributions is known to be:
python-setuptools in Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE
python2-distribute in Arch
setuptools in Slackware
devel/py-setuptools in OpenBSD
(if your distribution of choice is not in this list yet,
feel free to inform us of the correct package name)
Once you have setuptools installed, you can proceed with the install
as above.