method for modeling continuous and discrete population genetic structure
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conStruct (continuous Structure) ReadMe

This repo contains the code for the method conStruct - a statistical tool for modeling continuous and discrete population genetic structure.

The manuscript, data files, and analysis scripts associated with the publication "Inferring Continuous and Discrete Population Genetic Structure Across Space," have been moved, and can be accessed at the links below:


Latest release

To install the most recent release of the conStruct R package:


Upon installation, the conStruct models will be compiled, which may spit lots of text, and possibly some warnings, to your screen. This is totally normal, and you should only be concerned if you get errors and the installation fails.

Development version

To install the development version from github:


Note that Windows users may have to download Rtools as a standalone executable before trying to install the conStruct R package.

Getting Started

A complete manual for all documented functions is available here.

In addition, there are four vignettes included in the package that walk through various steps in the analysis pipeline in detail. You can find them using:

# formatting data

# how to run a conStruct analysis

# how to visualize the output of a conStruct model

# how to compare and select between different conStruct models

There is also an example data file included in the package, which you can load using the command:



After referring to the manual and vignettes, please direct all queries to bradburd (at), or post as issues on the git repo.