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package jwt
import (
var (
// ErrHMACMissingKey is the error for trying to sign or verify a JWT with an empty key.
ErrHMACMissingKey = internal.NewError("jwt: HMAC key is empty")
// ErrHMACVerification is the error for an invalid signature.
ErrHMACVerification = internal.NewError("jwt: HMAC verification failed")
_ Algorithm = new(HMACSHA)
// HMACSHA is an algorithm that uses HMAC to sign SHA hashes.
type HMACSHA struct {
name string
key []byte
sha crypto.Hash
size int
pool *hashPool
func newHMACSHA(name string, key []byte, sha crypto.Hash) *HMACSHA {
if len(key) == 0 {
return &HMACSHA{
name: name, // cache name
key: key,
sha: sha,
size: sha.Size(), // cache size
pool: newHashPool(func() hash.Hash { return hmac.New(sha.New, key) }),
// NewHS256 creates a new algorithm using HMAC and SHA-256.
func NewHS256(key []byte) *HMACSHA {
return newHMACSHA("HS256", key, crypto.SHA256)
// NewHS384 creates a new algorithm using HMAC and SHA-384.
func NewHS384(key []byte) *HMACSHA {
return newHMACSHA("HS384", key, crypto.SHA384)
// NewHS512 creates a new algorithm using HMAC and SHA-512.
func NewHS512(key []byte) *HMACSHA {
return newHMACSHA("HS512", key, crypto.SHA512)
// Name returns the algorithm's name.
func (hs *HMACSHA) Name() string {
// Sign signs headerPayload using the HMAC-SHA algorithm.
func (hs *HMACSHA) Sign(headerPayload []byte) ([]byte, error) {
if string(hs.key) == "" {
return nil, ErrHMACMissingKey
return hs.pool.sign(headerPayload)
// Size returns the signature's byte size.
func (hs *HMACSHA) Size() int {
return hs.size
// Verify verifies a signature based on headerPayload using HMAC-SHA.
func (hs *HMACSHA) Verify(headerPayload, sig []byte) (err error) {
if sig, err = internal.DecodeToBytes(sig); err != nil {
return err
sig2, err := hs.Sign(headerPayload)
if err != nil {
return err
if !hmac.Equal(sig, sig2) {
return ErrHMACVerification
return nil
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