A simple C# Console Project which allows you to locally debug Azure Data Factory Custom .Net Activities directly within Visual Studio
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This code was merged into the GitHub Project Azure.DataFactory.LocalEnvironment.

The new Repository contains all functionalities of this CustomActivityDebugger project and additional features like the export as Azure Resource Manager template and also better usability.

The Azure.DataFactory.CustomActivityDebugger repository will not be developed any further - instead please refer to the Azure.DataFactory.LocalEnvironment repository for the latest update on debugging Custom .Net Activities for Azure Data Factory!


A C# Project which allows you to locally debug Azure Data Factory Custom .Net Activities

Azure Data Factory's Cusotm Activities are quite powerful but are also quite painful when it comes to development and debugging. This tool should help you to ease these pains by enabling you to run your Custom C# Activity in a kind of local environment. It retrieves all information and settings from your local Azure Data Factory project folder to set up this environment and allows you debug the Custom Activity like any other C# code. The C# Console Application is supposted to be run from within Visual Studio mainly.

This repository contains:

  • Custom Activity Debugger (can be copied to/used with any other Custom C# Activity)
  • Sample ADF Custom .Net Activity
  • Sample ADF Project calling the Custom .Net Activity from above

The Custom Activity Debugger can be copied to and integrate with any other ADF Custom .Net Activity by simply following the steps below:


  1. Copy the CustomActivityDebugger Folder to your Solution-Folder (already done in this sample)
  2. Add the Custom ActivityDebugger Project to the Solution Alt text Alt text
  3. Add a Reference to the ADF Custom Activity C# Project which must reside in same Solution Alt text
  4. Add the Namespace of your ADF Custom Activity to this file Alt text
  5. Change the static values in the Program-Class below to match your environment Alt text
  6. Set Breakpoints in your Custom Activity Code
  7. Start the Debugger (and/or set as Startup-Project) Alt text
  8. Happy Debugging! Alt text