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This design is a clone of Leaf Labs Maple Mini board (called MM4) with the following variations
	from the original:

	- 0.8 inch pitch between connectors rather than 0.6". This means dual rows of 
		sip connectors are required rather than a 40 pin dip (a socket layout can 
		easily be defined for either LeafLabs or MM4 using 3 sip connectors.)

	- identical pin functions except for the above mentioned pitch change.

	- two layer layout in Eagle which can be modified with the free version of 
		Eagle (original was done with Eagle v6.1). Ground planes that are 
		as large as practical are used given the two layer constraint (modification 
		to internal power/ground planes is, of course, fairly straightforward, 
		but requires the much more expensive Eagle license).

	- 64 pin processor that can be STM32F10xC/D/E orSTM32F4 or STM32L1 series. This means 
		the F1 chip variants with larger memories can be used or the L1 low power series 
		(F1 and L1 require two solder bridge jumpers to be installed), or the faster Cortex-M4 F4 series.

	- considerably less detailed top silkscreen layer in this version of MM4.

	- The USB termination function has been re-implemented with a dedicated USB terminator
		chip that contains the termination resistors and the signalling resistor to
		describe the board to an up-stream host as a full speed USB peripheral.
		The disconnect function is then separately implemented with an open collector 
		inverter. The original implemented the signalling and disconnect via a 
		transistor/resistor network.