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Some of the menu options (and toolbar buttons) are context sensitive and are only activated if an appropriate item is selected in the PlayList window. For example, the "Clone Music Page" menu option is only available when a page is selected and remains disabled otherwise, "Save Song" is available if a song, or page is selected, but is not available if a play list is selected.

  • File menu
    • Save All: Saves all the songs or playlists that have been modified
  • PlayList menu
    • New PlayList: Creates a new playlist
    • Open PlayList: Opens an existing playlist
    • Save PlayList: Saves a playlist that has been modified (by adding/removing a song, or reordering the songs)
  • Song menu
    • New Song: Creates a new song
    • Open Song: Adds an existing song to the currently selected playlist, or to the Default playlist if no playlist is currently selected
    • Remove Song: Removes a song from a playlist, but does not erase it from the disk.
    • Save Song: Saves the currently selected song
    • Save Song As: Creates a clone of the currently selected song
  • MusicPage menu
    • Add Pages: Adds one or more pages to the currently selected song
    • Clone Music Page: Creates a clone of the currently selected page and adds it right after the currently selected page. Use the Thumbs Window to re-order the pages by dragging and dropping them in the desired order.
    • Remove Pages: Removes the currently selected pages from the song, but does not erase them from the disk.
    • Edit Annotations: Launches an external SVG editor to edit the MusicPage annotations. See MusicPageAnnotations for more details on this functionality.
  • Tools menu
    • Rename Item: Changes the name of the Playlist, Song, or Music Page. Only changes the name shown in the PlayList Window tab. Does not rename the files on the disk.
    • Options: Brings up an options dialog box used to configure the application. See VirtMusOptions for more details.
  • View menu
    • Go Live: displays the live window used for practice sessions or concerts.
  • Window menu
    • Open PlayList Window: Opens the window/tab that shows the available playlists, songs, and song pages. Select a song to view thumbnails of its pages. Select a page to see it in the Annotations tab in full-size.
    • Open Thumbs Window: This window allows the user to see thumbnails of the pages making up the song and, most importantly, allows the user to re-order the pages by dragging them around.
    • Open Annot Window: This window allows the user to view the music page at full size. The window can be scrolled around by dragging the rectangle in the upper right corner thumbnail to the region of interest.
    • Properties: This windows shows the properties of the currently selected Song or Playlist. Some of them are read-only, and others can be modified by the user. This is a good place to see the full path to the file on disk, or to modify the tags attached to the songs or playlists.