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This is the user space slab memory allocator, umem, first available in Solaris 9 (SunOS 5.4) now the default allocator on Solaris and Illumos. This implementation has been ported to other popular operating systems, such as Linux, Windows and BSDish systems (including Darwin/OSX) by OmniTI (portableumem) and includes changes made by Joyent as par…

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Portable libumem.

This is a port of Solaris libumem to non-Solaris systems.

The port was made while integrating libumem with our Ecelerity MTA product, so
your initial experience will not be 100% out-of-the-box, because there is no
standalone configure script for the library at this time. (patches welcome!)

In addition, since our deployment is threaded, we force the library into
threaded mode.

While the library is itself stable (it's the memory allocator used by the
Solaris OS), the port may have a few rough edges.  We're shipping umem with
Linux and Windows versions of our product as we have found it to be stable.

We will continue to update this project as and when we make improvements, and
welcome third-party patches that improve the usability for everyone.

Wez Furlong,
Message Systems, Inc.
wez (at) messagesystems (dot) com

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