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Verilog netlist parser/database (derived from
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bin rm binary files
dist cleanup
jni Reset permissions and added tcl stuff. (thanx: kpfalzer!)
jnitcl Refactor tcl layer and ove previous to jntitcl.
ruby/srcs Reset permissions and added tcl stuff. (thanx: kpfalzer!)
slf incr save for work elsewhere
tcl cleanup using original make
vnl push off here for work on elsewhere
README moved docs to webpage
doxygen.cfg add tcl
make cleanup using original make
messages.txt cleanup
runDoxygen Added doxygen.
xyzzy rekindle this effort starting with toplevel makefile.


+ Project webpage (and docs):
+ (moved master:/docs to webiste gh-pages:/docs for online viewing)

+ ./runDoxygen and doxygen.cfg are used.

+ JNI+nldb proved too slow and memory hog on some huge designs worked
  w/ kpfalzer.  We did get JNI + Tcl going (though).
+ After some discussions, decided to switch to all c++.
+ kpfalzer passwd along a verilog netlist parser and dbase in c++.
+ I bolted on a tclsh wrapper and works (see vnl/tcl/README).
+ I took the parser/slf.g and converted to lexer/parser.cxx.
+ So, we have a path to netlist manipulator using c++ and tcl.
+ progress continues...

+ grabbed source from //
  (thanx kpfalzer), and started adding some jni stuff.
  Plan on using jni to hook to C/C++ to add tcl cli.
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