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Verilog netlist parser/database (derived from
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+ Project webpage (and docs):
+ (moved master:/docs to webiste gh-pages:/docs for online viewing)

+ ./runDoxygen and doxygen.cfg are used.

+ JNI+nldb proved too slow and memory hog on some huge designs worked
  w/ kpfalzer.  We did get JNI + Tcl going (though).
+ After some discussions, decided to switch to all c++.
+ kpfalzer passwd along a verilog netlist parser and dbase in c++.
+ I bolted on a tclsh wrapper and works (see vnl/tcl/README).
+ I took the parser/slf.g and converted to lexer/parser.cxx.
+ So, we have a path to netlist manipulator using c++ and tcl.
+ progress continues...

+ grabbed source from //
  (thanx kpfalzer), and started adding some jni stuff.
  Plan on using jni to hook to C/C++ to add tcl cli.
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