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iProver Modulo 0.7+0.3


To configure, compile and install iProver Modulo, use the following commands:

./configure [options]
make install

The following options are actually used by the configure script :

--prefix=PREFIX         install files in PREFIX [default /usr/local]
--with-externdir=DIR    installation directory of external programs
                        ocaml and e-prover are installed here
		        usefull if one does not want to overwrite existing
		        [default ${prefix}/share/iprovermodulo/]
--with-runningpath=DIR 	execution path
			path to eprover during execution
			[default ${externdir}/bin]
--help                  print some help

Note that values passed to --datadir or --datarootdir options are not taken into account.

You may need superuser rights to perform the installation.

Recommended usage of ./configure:

./configure --prefix=$HOME/tmp/ --with-externdir=$HOME/tmp --with-runningpath=$HOME/tmp/bin


For compiling, iProver modulo needs a C compiler. A version of the OCaml compiler is included in this package, it is installed with the prover and is needed at runtime to compile rewriting rules. Similarly, a version of eprover is included.

At runtime, iProver modulo needs eprover to transform clauses into CNF (only version 1.4 was tested, but others should work as well), and ocamlopt.opt to compile rewrite rules.


iProverModulo can be launched using the following command, where %s has to be replaced by the problem file name and %d by the time limit: %s %d

This executable calls the programs autotheo and iprover_moduloopt, which themselves call eprover and ocamlopt.opt. The PATH is modified to access the executables installed with the prover.


Solutions are given following the SZS ontology. For instance

% SZS status Theorem


% SZS status GaveUp

When a proof is given, it is enclosed within the following delimiters:

% SZS output start CNFRefutation
% Axioms transformation by autotheo
% Dedukti proof by iprover
% SZS output end CNFRefutation

First, a proof of the transformation of the axioms into rewriting rules, and of the transformation of other formules into clausal normal form, is given in TSTP format.

Second, the proof found by iProverModulo is given in Dedukti's format.


--dedukti_out_proof <bool>
    Outputs the proof in dedukti format, if it is found by resolution

--dedukti_prefix <string>
    Prefix of the files containing the dedukti proof (default: printed on s
tandard output)
    Output in <string> and <string>

--dedukti_tempfile <string>
    Unique temporary file containing the dedukti proof (default: printed on
 standard output)


Extension of iProver to Deduction Modulo Theory







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