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Patrons Account Information API command line client
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This repository contains an experimental command line client for the Patrons Account Information API (PAIA). The client is implemented in Perl (at least version 5.10) and installed as paia.

Releases are available at CPAN. The latest version is in a git repository at Bug reports and feature requests can be raised at


Call perldoc paia or paia help for usage description.



Use your favorite CPAN installer to install the CPAN module App::PAIA.

With cpanminus (installation described here) the client can be installed on command line with

cpanm App::PAIA     # or 'sudo cpanm App::PAIA'

To avoid SSL errors one should also install common certificates:

cpanm Mozilla::CA

Prebuild packages

Software packages for Debian and other Linux systems are not available yet.

Build and install from scratch

The client is automatically tested on Travis CI, so the following should always work on a fresh system with Perl >= 5.14 and cpanminus:

cpanm --quiet --notest --skip-satisfied Dist::Zilla Pod::Weaver::Plugin::Encoding
dzil authordeps | grep -vP '[^\w:]' | xargs -n 5 -P 10 cpanm --quiet --notest --skip-satisfied
dzil listdeps | grep -vP '[^\w:]' | cpanm --notest
dzil install

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