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This application is no longer maintained. See for an alternative!


cocoda-db - Database service implementing JSKOS-API

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The application is automatically started as service, listening on port 6033

sudo service cocoda-db {status|start|stop|restart}


cocoda-db provides a JSKOS API webservice. The current implementation partly implements JSKOS API specification 0.1.0.


The software is released as Debian package for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Other Debian based distributions might work too. Releases can be found at

To install required dependencies either use a package manager such as gdebi, manually install dependencies (inspectable via dpkg -I cocoda_db_*.deb), or try to force installation of after failed install:

sudo dpkg -i ...                         # install dependencies
sudo dpkg -i cocoda-db_X.Y.Z_amd64.deb   # change X.Y.Z
sudo apt-get -f install                  # repair

After installation the service is available at localhost on port 6033. Better put the service behind a reverse proxy to enable SSL and nice URLs.


Importing and exporting JSKOS

Right now JSKOS data can only be imported at the server via command line. Log in to base directory (/srv/cocoda-db after installation) and execute:

./catmandu import JSKOS to concepts < jskos-concepts.json
./catmandu export concepts to JSKOS > jskos-concepts.json

Note that JSKOS data is currently not validated or checked for completeness and duplicates! You should also add information about concept schemes and concept types that imported concepts belong to:

./catmandu import JSKOS to schemes < jskos-schemes.json
./catmandu import JSKOS to types < jskos-types.json

The examples directory contains KOS samples to start with.


Log files are written in /var/log/cocoda-db/ and kept for 30 day by default:

  • access.log - HTTP request and responses in Apache Log Format
  • server.log - Web server messages (when server was started and stopped)
  • deployment.log - Error messages, warnings, and runtime information

Each entry in deployment.log starts with the following values

  • day
  • time
  • seconds since request
  • IP address of the remote host
  • log message

Log messages may span multiple lines.


The internal database cocoda can be inspected and modified with any MongoDB client, for instance the command line client mongo:

$ mongo cocoda
> ...
> db.mappings.drop()

Access restrictions may be added in a later version to avoid accidently damaging the database.


Config file /etc/default/cocoda-db only contains basic server configuration in form of simple key-values pairs:

  • PORT - port number (required, 6033 by default)
  • WORKERS - number of parallel connections (required, 5 by default).

Main configuration is located in /etc/cocoda-db/config.yml in YAML format.


The source code of cocoda-db is managed in a public git repository at Please report bugs and feature request at!

The Changelog is located in file debian/changelog.

Development guidelines are given in file

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