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$BASE = '..';
include "$BASE/header.php";
We collect concordances and mappings in a public database run with
<a href="">jskos-server</a>. The
database can be queried via this web interface and via an API at
<a href=""></a>.
<div id="mappingsApp"></div>
$html = (file_exists('../cocoda/mappings.html')
? file_get_contents('../cocoda/mappings.html')
: file_get_contents('')) ?? '';
if (preg_match_all('!src=["\']?([^"\'>]+)!', $html, $match)) {
foreach ($match[1] as $src) {
echo "<script type='text/javascript' src='../cocoda/$src'></script>";
if (preg_match_all('!link href=["\']?([^"\'> ]+)!', $html, $match)) {
foreach ($match[1] as $src) {
if (strpos($src, "bootstrap") === false) {
echo "<link href='../cocoda/$src' rel='stylesheet'>";
include "$BASE/footer.php";