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$BASE = '../..';
include "$BASE/header.php";
$LICENSE = '<img src="../cc-zero.svg">';
$registry = json_decode(file_get_contents('wikidata-concordances.json'));
$sum = 0;
$concordances = [];
foreach ($registry->concordances[0]->set as $conc) {
$concordances[substr($conc->notation[0],1)] = new JSKOS\Concordance($conc);
$sum += $conc->extent;
This directory contains mappings between Wikidata and other knowledge organization systems.
The data is daily extracted from Wikidata and available as public domain
(<a href="">CC Zero</a>).
Information about this list can also be accessed as JSKOS Registry from
<a href="wikidata-concordances.json">wikidata-concordances.json</a>.
An API for live querying of mappings between Wikidata and other authority files
<a href="../../services/wikidata/">is provided here</a>.
<table class="table sortable table-hover">
<th>Wikidata property</th>
<th class='text-right'>mappings</th>
<?php foreach ($concordances as $conc) {
$prop = $conc->notation[0];
echo "<tr><td class='text-right'><a href='$prop'>$prop</a></td>";
echo "<td><a href='$prop'>";
echo htmlspecialchars($conc->prefLabel['en'] ?? '');
echo "</a></td>";
echo "<td><a href='{$conc->toScheme->uri}'";
if ($conc->toScheme->extent) {
echo " title='total size {$conc->toScheme->extent}'";
echo ">".htmlspecialchars($conc->toScheme->prefLabel['en'] ?? '')."</a></td>";
echo "<td>";
foreach ($conc->mappings as $map) {
if ($map->download) {
echo "<a href='{$map->download}'>{$map->notation[0]}</a> ";
echo "</td>";
echo "<td class='text-right'>{$conc->extent}<br>";
echo "<a href='$prop/growth.csv'><img src='$prop/growth.png'/></a></td>";
echo "<td>".substr($conc->modified,0,10)."</td>";
echo "</tr>";
} ?>
<td class='text-right'>
<img src='kos.png'/>
<td class='text-right'><?=$sum?><br><img src='total.png'/></td>
<th><a href="total.csv">total</a></th>
$query = rawurlencode(file_get_contents('properties.sparql'));
The list of properties is based on
<a href="<?=$query?>">this SPARQL query</a> to
include all mapping properties
(<a href="">Wikidata property to identify things</a>)
with corresponding KOS registered in
<a href="">BARTOC</a>. Mappings are extracted and converted with
the command line tool <a href="">wdmapper</a>.
See also the <a href="">Wikidata BEACON</a>
tool to directly download selected mappings and
<a href="">Mix'n'match</a> to contribute adding mappings
to Wikidata. In particular:
<li><a href="">Authors in RVK</a></li>
<li><a href="">Basisklassifikation</a></li>
Indirect mappings with Wikidata as linking hub can be harvested as well. See CSV file
<a href="indirect.csv">indirect.csv</a> for current numbers with the authority files
listed above. To actually download an indirect mapping use Wikidata BEACON or wdmapper
(e.g. <code>wdmapper get P227 P2428</code> for GND-to-RePEc Short-ID).
include "$BASE/footer.php";