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Cocoda is a web application to manage and create mappings between knowledge organization systems, such as classifications, authority files, and thesauri. See [cocoda documentation]( for details and [git repository]( for source code.
### Use Cocoda mapping tool
* latest **[release version](app/)**
* current [development version](
* [source code repository](
### Get started
*We highly recommend to just try out the [release version](app/) and start mapping!*
The [cocoda manual]( gives a short introduction.
We also prepared some screencasts (in German):
* [Mapping mit Cocoda 0.6.0]( (5 minutes, 2018-12-21)
* [Kurzeinführung Mapping mit Cocoda 0.5.1]( (3 minutes, 2018-10-23)
#### History
The first prototype of Cocoda was started in February 2014: the source
is [archived at GitHub]( and
[this screencast]( gives an impression.
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