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**coli-ana** is a tool for analysis of synthesized DDC numbers. The tool is
being developed as part of project colibri, of which coli-conc is also a
sub-project. coli-conc plans to intergrate the results of coli-ana into its
infrastructure and provide information on decomposed DDC numbers in different
formats (MARC, JSKOS...). The results of this tool present a great value for
subject-indexers, mapping works and for the research community.
More information about coli-ana can be found in the presentation [Automatic Analysis of DDC Numbers based on MARC21]( given by Ulrike Reiner at EDUG Symposium 2016.
#### Example
The synthesized DDC number [700.90440747471]( can be composed from:
* [700]( Modern arts
* [T1--09044]( 1940-1949
* [T1--074]( Museums, collections, exhibits
* [T2--7471]( New York Metropolitan Area
The following mockup show how integration of coli-ana into [Cocoda mapping
tool](../cocoda/) could look like:
![mockup of coli-ana](../img/coli-ana.png){.bordered-image}
In [JSKOS data format]( this would be expressed as:
"notation": [ "700.90440747471" ],
"memberList": [
{ "uri": "", "notation": "700" },
{ "uri": "", "notation": "T1--09044" },
{ "uri": "", "notation": "T1--074" },
{ "uri": "", "notation": "T2--7471" }
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