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We provide a several applictaions, data sets and APIs for public use.
### Applications
Core or the project is **[Cocoda Mapping Tool](../cocoda/)**.
See [software](../publications/software/) for a full list of programming libraries and applications.
### Data sets
* **[KOS Types](../publications/kostypes)**<br>
Classification of knowledge organization systems. Data extracted from Wikidata.
* **[KOS Registry](../terminologies)**<br>
Description of knowledge organization systems relevant to project coli-conc.
Data extracted from BARTOC.
* **[Concordance Registry](../concordances/)**<br>
Concordances collected and unified in project coli-conc.
Data collected manually.
* **[Wikidata Mappings](../concordances/wikidata/)**<br>
Collected mappings between Wikidata and other systems.
Data extracted daily from Wikidata.
* **[GND Mappings](../concordances/gnd/)**<br>
Collected mappings between the Integrated Authority File (GND) and other systems.
Work in progress.
### APIs
Several web services are being developed to query information related to
knowledge organization systemes in [JSKOS format](
* **[DANTE API](**<br>
Access to terminologies and concepts from central terminology service of VZG.
* **[Mappings API](../api/mappings)**<br>
Access to collected mappings and concordances.
* **[Occurrences API](../occurrences/)**<br>
Look up occurrences and co-occurrences of concepts in library catalogs.
* **[Wikidata JSKOS API](wikidata/)**<br>
Access Wikidata in JSKOS format with [wikidata-jskos](