JSKOS-API Wrappers and other terminology applications based on JSKOS
PHP Makefile


This repository contains sample applications that make use of the jskos PHP library to process knowledge organization systems (KOS) in JSKOS format. In particular there is a set of wrappers to access different KOS via a uniform API. The uniform API is specified as Entity Lookup Microservice API (ELMA) for simple access and will be extended to JSKOS-API for more complex queries.

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Try out

The examples can be tried online at https://jskos-php-examples.herokuapp.com.

Local usage

Wrappers are based jskos PHP library. First install dependencies with composer:

$ composer install

You can directly serve wrappers via PHP for testing (don't use for production!):

$ php -S localhost:8080 -t src

And accesed via http://localhost:8080. You can also start the server with

$ make run


Copy directory vendors and src to a webserver with PHP enabled.