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* Implements a basic JSKOS concepts endpoint for GND.
* The wrapper converts GND RDF/XML to JSKOS.
include_once __DIR__.'/../../vendor/autoload.php';
use JSKOS\RDF\RDFMapping;
class GNDService extends JSKOS\RDF\RDFMappingService {
public static $CONFIG_DIR = __DIR__;
protected $supportedParameters = ['notation'];
public function query($query) {
$jskos = $this->queryUriSpace($query);
if (!$jskos) return;
$rdf = RDFMapping::loadRDF($jskos->uri ."/about/lds", $jskos->uri);
if (!$rdf) return;
# TODO: fix date format
# error_log($rdf->getGraph()->serialise('turtle'));
$this->applyRdfMapping($rdf, $jskos);
return $jskos;