Specification of Patrons Account Information API (PAIA)
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Patrons Account Information API (PAIA)

The Patrons Account Information API (PAIA) is a HTTP based programming interface to access library patron information, such as loans, reservations, and fees. See http://gbv.github.com/paia/ for the current version and https://github.com/gbv/paia/releases for releases and release notes.

This git repository, hosted at http://github.com/gbv/paia, contains all sources of and modifications to the PAIA specification.

The master file paia.md is written in Pandoc’s Markdown. HTML version of the specification is generated from the master file with makespec. The specification can be distributed freely under the terms of CC-BY-SA.

How to contribute to the specification

Please use the issue tracker to comment. Given a GitHub account you can also fork this repository, do

git clone git@github.com:YOURACCOUNT/paia.git
cd paia
git submodule update --init

# modify paia.md


# check whether paia.html looks fine

git add paia.md
git commit -m "your comment"
git push origin master

and request a pull of your modification.