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Terraform infrastructure for falco-eks-audit-bridge (as proposed in
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Terraform infrastructure for falco-eks-audit-bridge (as proposed in This creates a Kinesis Firehose stream sending data to an s3 bucket coming from your EKS cluster control plane logs, loosely based on this AWS example. You can then use the falco-eks-audit-bridge deployment to process your cluster control plane logs with Falco.


  1. Make sure you set the correct loggroup in the so it will generate the correct log_group_name that is going to be used as an input to Kinesis.
log_group_name = "/aws/eks/clustername${var.env == "master" ? "" : "-${var.env}"}/cluster"
  1. Change the to work with your backend or add this code to your EKS definition in Terraform.

  2. EKS Terraform config Add the logging part to the EKS cluster (use AWS provider > 2.6.0) or enable this manual using the AWS Console.

resource "aws_eks_cluster" "cluster" {
  name     = "cluster${local.branch_suffix}"
  role_arn = "${aws_iam_role.clusterrole.arn}"
  version = "${var.kubernetes_version}"  

  enabled_cluster_log_types = ["api", "audit", "authenticator", "controllerManager", "scheduler"]

The log group name format by default is /aws/eks/cluster-name/cluster.

Needed variables

###### AWS variables

variable region {
  default = "eu-west-1"

####### Deployment variables

variable account_id {
  type    = "string"
  default = "111111111111"

variable deploy_role {
  default = "somerole"

variable env {
  description = "Unique environment identifier"
  default     = "dev"
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