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Planetarium Control, or PlanetC for short, allows easy control of (almost) all Stellarium functionalities through a powerful and intuitive graphical user interface. Its main purpose is to help lecturers and operators to show astronomical phenomena using the Stellarium simulation software, using either a screen projector or a planetarium dome.

The windows installer can be found here.

PlanetC main features are:

  • an easy-to-use graphical user interface shown on a separate window with respect to the main Stellarium window;
  • extensive control over (almost) all Stellarium functionalities;
  • a "live" image to check in real time what's being shown on the main Stellarium window;
  • constellation art are shown in different (customizable) colors;
  • script handling (start, pause, stop);
  • show movies and images;
  • an enhanced auto zoom/unzoom facility;
  • a general state set/restore facility to easily handle global Stellarium state in scripts;
  • customizable list of "quick" object selection buttons;
  • customized date, time, location and cardinal points display, specifically designed for use in planetarium dome;
  • ability to clone and rotate movies and images, to be displayed as twin pictures in planetarium domes;

All PlanetC operations are performed in its own window, without influencing the main Stellarium view, allowing the operators to properly control Stellarium while the audience focuses on the sky simulation.

PlanetC currently relies on a modified version of the original Stellarium code, and has the same dependencies and compilation procedure of Stellarium: once you are able to compile the original Stellarium code, you can compile PlanetC without any additional effort.

PlanetC has been developed by Star Freedom, a non-profit association based in Palermo and involved in science lecturing and astronomy activities in south Italy.

PlanetC is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GPL (see the COPYING file for more details).

If you like PlanetC, and wish to support its development, please consider making a donation to Giorgio Calderone. Even a small amount will be highly appreciated. Also please star our repository on Github and Facebook page ;-)

For further information please write to

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