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These are the course notes to go with thesis-latex-manc.
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Introduction to LaTeX

These are the course notes for the Introduction to LaTeX course at the University Of Manchester.

They were transcribed and adapted from Tom Bishop's course at the University of Southampton, in a joint effort by Tom Bishop and Gerard Capes.

The .tex file are usually compiled using pdfLaTeX; the only auxiliary file required is the University of Manchester logo, of which a copy is included in this repository.

All of the materials here (excluding the University of Manchester logo) are licenced under CC-BY-SA v4.0.

BibTeX branch

This branch uses BibTeX for referencing, while the biber branch uses Biber. Biber is newer and has more advanced features. BibTeX can be simpler to set up, especially for teaching where the desktop environment is more controlled than on a typical user's machine.

How to build a pdf of the slides and exercises

  1. Click on the green Clone or download button. Choose Download ZIP or use Git to clone this repository.
  2. Run PdfLaTeX on slides.tex or exercises.tex as appropriate. You can use the Build & View button in TeXstudio for this purpose.

Introductory slideshow

The introductory slideshow contains links relating to Research IT, and the course feedback form.

Thesis template

The afternoon session of the course introduces an unofficial thesis template, which you are welcome to use at your own discretion. At the time of writing, the template complied with the then-current 2014 Presentation of Theses policy. Please ensure you check compliance with the current Presentation of Theses policy

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