Prototype of a Chrome Web App that integrates with the Bookshare API for reading accessible DAISY text books
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To install this sample Chrome Web App:

1) Make sure you are running the current version of Chrome (Chrome 14 or greater)

And either

2) Click on the BookshareChromeWebApp.crx file under Downloads and install the App.  You will see the app when you open a new tab


3) Using Git clone the files into an App folder in your web server directory
4) Go to, register and get an API key
5) Edit the test.html file to use your API key
6) Go to chrome://extensions, expand Developer Mode in the upper right and use pack extension button to pack the directory to which you downloaded your app files
7) Clear your browsing data to make sure you have the latest version
8) Point your browser to the .crx file created by the packing process and install the app
9) Open a new tab and you will see the app.