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Douglas Correa douglascorrea

Senior Fullstack Developer at @pipefy

@pipefy Curitiba

Ermanno Moser ermanno

Software developer. Trying to learn something every day.



RAIDBOXES Münster, Germany

Tiago Martinho tiagomartinho

iOS/macOS/watchOS/tvOS and Android Developer | Developer of TV Streams for Apple TV | Founder of ELIT

XPeppers Trento

Dennis Ideler dideler

code, community, collaboration

Sabbatical. Ex-@fundingcircle St. Maarten / London, UK

Lucy Fang lucetzer

@ThoughtWorksInc London

Ali Siddique alisiddique

Up Arrow Consulting Bangladesh

Roberto Simoni sixro Italy

Domenico Luciani dlion

Software engineer, runner, maker, computer vision fanatic and IT security lover.

Palermo, Italy

Paolo Asperti paspo

L'Omino dei Computer Italy

Ettore Delprino edelprino

Developer. Climber. Minimalist.


Michelangelo Altamore altamic

minimalist software craftsman


Pietro Campagnano fain182

Passionate about lean startup, web development and eXtreme Programming. Remote worker.

@ideatosrl Milan, Italy

Roberto Simoni rsimoni

ICTeam S.p.A. Bergamo, Italy

Enrico Bacis enricobacis

I am a passionate developer who loves working with enthusiastic people on projects that matter, solve problems, learn and discourse about interesting topics.

@unibg-seclab Bergamo, Italy

Pietro Di Bello xpepper

Hi! I'm Pietro. I love to code and build stuff that brings value and to help other people and teams improve at coding and building software.

@xpeppers Trento, Italy

Paul de Wouters pdewouters

Web developer at Human Made

Human Made Limited UK

Clifton T Canady cliftonc0613

CT Web Design Shop LLC. Greenville, SC